20 Things Only People Who Workout Understand

Fitting exercise in to your busy daily routine is an excellent habit to get into. Not only will you benefit from increased health and energy, your heart and cardiovascular system will stay fit and functional much later in life. However, with new habits come new challenges, and certain stresses revolving around your workout might take you by surprise. Whether you’re a lift enthusiast, a cardio maniac, or a cross training fiend, these 20 experiences are ones every workout lover can relate to.

1. Forgetting Leg Day

It only takes a few times in a row before you start to feel like Popeye.

2. The Pain Of The Day After

Hopefully you have a go to friend for massages, because waddling around the office the day after an intense workout is never graceful.

3. Machine Hogging

Nothing is quite as frustrating as pretending to do more reps while the entire gym sits casually on the treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals.

4. Showing Off

Normally showing off is annoying, but if you look like this guy, we’re just impressed.

5. The Joy Of The Shower

You know the one – directly after leaving the gym, popping in a piping hot shower is exactly what you need.

6. Filtered Water Bottles

Whoever made water bottles that make gym water taste like real water is a genius.

7. Recovery Drinks

At first they’re kind of powdery, but after a month or two you crave them like chocolate.

8. Protein Shakes

Again, something you might hate at first, you could never go two days without one now.

9. Workout Beginners

You can spot them a mile away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help workout newbies figure out the modern machines.

10. Forgetting Your Sweat Towel

Nothing feels more awkward than sweating up a storm with no way to fix it. My apologies to the next one to use the machine.

11. The Self Obsessed Gym Goer

You know the type – the guy or girl who shows up in color coordinated outfits, uncomfortable but fashionable pieces, and with their hair fully done. Sure, looking great at the gym is probably fun, but we’re here to



12. Losing Your Gym Partner

It is always tragic when your favourite gym buddy stops going or moves away.

13. Inefficient Gym Wear

Nothing is worse than picking up a new pair of workout shorts only to find out they ride up when you exercise..


up. Why would you make workout wear you can’t work out in?

14. Hotels Without Gyms

Time away from home is a welcome change, unless you’re caught in a closet sized hotel room with no way to get your heartbeat up.

15. Cravings

Friends and family might think we’re Superman of fighting junk food cravings, but we know the truth. We’re just as fast to fantasize about doughnuts as anyone else.

16. Clingy Gym Friends

While someone to workout with is better than no one, it’s always combersome when your friend follows you from machine to machine, with no time to hear yourself think.

17. Going Too Hard

Sure we all want to feel the burn, but when you over extend yourself, you’ll be feeling it for weeks.

18. Ignoring Safety Rules

It only takes one or two mishaps to make you realize you’ll never underestimate gym rules again.

19. Others Ignoring Safety Rules

That being said, it can be hysterical to watch other people figure out why the rules are there – as long as they’re not seriously hurt.

20. Health Benefits

At the end of the day, whether your gym is crawling with unique characters or not, the energy boost and overall healthy feeling of a regular workout are one-of-a-kind.

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