Low Carb Keto Lava Cake Recipe (Chocolate Hazelnut)

This keto lava cake recipe is a combination of so many of my favorite things. It’s a mug cake. It’s a low carb lava cake for 2. It’s filled with]sugar-free nutella. it’s the best keto molten lava cake I’ve ever made.
I almost feel silly calling this nutella mug cake recipe “breakfast”. It’s so unbelievably rich and chocolate-y and delicious. Way too decadent for breakfast, right? It sure tastes that way!
But even though this keto friendly molten lava mug cake recipe is parading around as a dessert, I happen to think it makes an healthy]keto breakfast – with 8g protein, 6g fiber and less than 1g sugar.
Can you just picture it with a tall glass of]almond milk, or even a cup of]keto coffee? If you’ve got a long day ahead and want to start it out with something to look forward to, this chocolate-y, gooey lava mug cake is just what you need.
This keto lava cake recipe recipe was originally published on December 24, 2016, and was republished in July 2020 to add better pictures, an improved process, and useful tips. Here is one of the original photos:

How To Make Keto Lava Cake
Some]keto desserts are best to serve a crowd (]keto chocolate cake anyone?), but this simple keto lava cake with almond flour is perfect for those times that you just need a little something sweet and chocolate-y, without making a whole giant dessert to tempt you.
Here’s how to make keto lava cake – the quick and easy way:

  • Make chocolate spread. In a small pinch bowl or ramekin, stir together]sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread and chocolate chips. Freeze until firm, but not rock hard.

  • Mix wet ingredients. Place butter into a small bowl and microwave until melted. Add cocoa powder, egg, and hazelnut extract. Stir well, until no lumps remain.
  • Mix in dry ingredients. Add]blanched almond flour,]Besti Monk Fruit Allulose Blend, baking powder, and sea salt. Stir very well, scraping the bottom, until smooth.

  • Portion low carb chocolate lava cakes. Divide the batter among the ramekins. Take the chocolate spread out of the freezer and form into 2 balls. Push each ball into the center of the batter. Pour 1/2 tablespoon water over the top of each. This helps keep them moist!

  • Heat. For best results, bake your lava cakes in the oven (this reduces the chance of hot spots or overheating), but you can microwave if you really want to.

TIP: Keto lava cake is done when it’s NOT quite set, but instead a little wet and sticky on top, and still has runny chocolate in the center. Be careful not to over heat, or your lava center will disappear!

  • Enjoy! I recommend topping with]sugar-free whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts, and maybe a strawberry.

Keto Molten Lava Cake FAQs

Why isn’t the center of my lava cake runny or gooey?
This means that your sugar-free lava cake was overcooked. This is very easy to do in the microwave, but can happen in the oven as well.
Next time, you’ll need to reduce the cook time and if you use the microwave, try a lower power as well and check on it frequently.
Reminder: Keto lava cake is done when it’s NOT quite set, but instead a little wet and sticky on top, with a gooey center.

What is better to use, the oven or the microwave?
I don’t usually have a strong preference for my keto mug cake recipes, but for this one, I highly recommend the oven. It results in a much better lava center.
It’s very easy to overheat the cake in the microwave, so start with very small intervals if you try the microwave.

Can you make keto lava cake in a cup?
I did this in my original recipe, but I don’t recommend it unless you have very small (6-ounce) cups. It’s much easier to overheat and lose the molten center if you place the whole recipe into one container (such as a regular sized mug) instead of two ramekins.
You can]get the ramekins I used here.
You could try splitting the same low carb lava cake recipe into two mugs instead of two ramekins – I have not tested this.

Where do you get sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread?
I like to make my own]sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread like this. If you want to make this keto friendly chocolate lava cake even easier, you can]buy a pre-made one like this

Can you make it a classic flavor without hazelnut?
Yes. Omit the chocolate hazelnut spread and hazelnut extract, and double the amount of chocolate chips. The time needed might change.

How many carbs in keto lava cake?
There are just 4.6 grams net carbs in this keto friendly chocolate lava cake.

Can you use a different sweetener?
Yes, you can. The sweetener to use for the moistest, best keto lava cake is]monk fruit allulose blend for the cake and]powdered monk fruit allulose blend for the filling.
If you want to substitute, you’ll need:

  • Granulated sweetener for the cake – like crystallized]allulose, crystallized]monk fruit, or granulated]erythritol.
  • Powdered sweetener for the lava filling – like]powdered allulose,]powdered monk fruit, or]powdered erythritol.

The amounts are different depending on what you use, so check my]keto sweetener guide for a conversion calculator.

Can you use coconut flour?
No, sorry. This recipe is written for almond flour – be sure you get]super fine blanched almond flour like this, for the right consistency.

Keto Lava Cake Recipe Storage Instructions

Can you make it ahead?
Yes, you can make this keto chocolate lava mug cake recipe ahead. However, don’t cook it until right before serving.
There are a few steps you can do ahead:

  • Make the hazelnut spread and chocolate chip mixture. If you are doing it well in advance (more than 10-20 minutes before serving, store it in the refrigerator.
  • Mix together or portion out the dry ingredients. This can save just a bit of time.

When you are ready to make the cake, just stir in the wet ingredients, add the chocolate hazelnut center, top with water, and heat.
TIP: You do NOT want to add the wet ingredients ahead of time, because the baking powder will react right away and lose effectiveness.
Start to finish, these take just a few minutes, so even if you don’t prep things ahead, they’re ready-to-go in a few minutes.
REMINDER: The only part you really need to do ahead is chilling the chocolate hazelnut center. That takes 10-20 minutes in the freezer, or as long as you like in the fridge, at least an hour.

How to store keto molten lava mug cake
Heat this keto friendly lava cake right before serving for best results. The molten lava center will disappear if you reheat it, so that is not recommended.

Can you freeze keto chocolate lava cake?
No, sorry. You can freeze the gooey center mixtures if you like, but the cakes are best made fresh. Keto molten lava cakes won’t have a lava center if you reheat them, and if you freeze before cooking, it’s likely that the center will still disappear before the cake part is cooked.

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