10 Healthy Versions of Comfort Food Recipes

10 Healthy Versions of Comfort Food Recipes

We all turn to comfort foods when we need some support and some of us turn to these foods rich in carbs when we crave junk food. As these recipes are not quite healthy, you may want to change them a little in order to add more fiber and vitamins and cut the calories and the carbs. The frying and the added oils are also avoided, as most recipes switch from frying to baking.

All you can do now is enjoy your new favorite recipes.

1. Baked fries

When you want to enjoy garlic fries but without the guilt and added oil, you can make this simple recipe. Because you are going to bake them, the potatoes are going to be a lot healthier. To finish the recipe you can coat the fries in a garlic sauce, but they can also be eaten as they are.

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2. Healthy pizza recipe

A home made pizza is always better than the ready made one you can order, and if you choose the ingredients carefully, it can be even healthier. For this recipe you are going to use spinach and three types of cheese, adding flavour to the pizza, without making it a calorie bomb.

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3. Spaghetti and meatballs

This remake of the classic recipe includes turkey meatballs, which are healthier than pork meatballs. It also includes tomatoes, which are a naturally supports the cardiovascular system. Switching regular pasta with whole wheat pasta gives you more fiber.

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4. Onion rings

This all time favorite definitely doesn’t look like a healthy meal, but if you skip frying in the pan, you will be able to enjoy the onion rings without guilt.

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5. Shepherd’s pie

This recipe is delicious, but it switches half the potatoes with cauliflower. The switch is virtually undetectable, so no one, not even a fussy eater, will discover the secret of this healthier version of the pie. But they might see the change on the scale.

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6. Cheeseburgers

Everyone loves cheeseburgers, but we don’t love their side effects. This is why this recipe is going to be a life saver for many of you. If you choose lean beef meat or turkey meat, the burger is already healthier, but go one step further and use Greek yoghurt, whole-wheat buns and lots of vegetables. Now this is a healthy cheeseburger!

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7. Fish and chips

Fish and chips are definitely an all time favorite for many people, big or small, but they are usually coated in bad oils. To make this recipe healthy, bake the fish and chips. Also, this recipe asks for a healthier coating for the fish, which is sure to make it crispier. Add some sauce at the end and you will have the best fish and chips ever.

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8. New England Clam Chowder

If you are on a diet in winter, you will definitely love this dish. The healthy version of clam chowder is still creamy and filled with bacon, featuring a tasty hint of smoke. However, each bowl has less than 350 calories and is rich in vitamins, to keep you going on cold days. Depending on how creamy you like your soup, you can use more vegetable stock or cream.

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9. Crispy chicken legs

Instead of frying the chicken pieces or legs, depending what you are going to use, bake them. Another nice switch is using cornflakes to coat the chicken in a crispy layer, which is going to make this recipe a favorite of all kids.

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10. Chocolate brownies

The principle of this recipe is that chocolate can cover a lot of switches. Even with the addition of low fat yoghurt and whole grain wheat, the taste is as delicious as always.

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