5 Sexy Legs Workout For Women

Since when have you been longing for those perfectly shaped legs?

With busy schedules and minimal time to spare for fun, squeezing in time for the gym could be quite hectic. And after all those long hours of sitting at your desk, travel and rest, your legs would’ve become 10% weaker; those little walks during the day wouldn’t help.

Anyway, you’ve been checking out too many legs lately, haven’t you? You know you want it, so here’s how!

To make the best of the little time you can set apart for each day, here are ten simple workouts for your legs that can get your confidence back on. And trust me, these are all you need to look sexier than ever and get all eyes on you. As most women have strong quads, these exercises focus on your hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs. Try these 7 easy and quick exercises and soon you will see your legs toned perfectly well.

1. Skater Lunge

Main Muscle: Quads, hamstrings, glutes

Lunges are perfect for toning your lower body, similar to squats, but here the legs move in a forward-backward motion.

First, cross your right leg behind the left while bending your left knee in a half squat position. Now, take a big step to your right as you get up and cross your left leg behind the right. When you move to the left, touch the ground with the right hand and swing the left back.

Repeat the same for 20 reps without a break.

2. Two-Thirds Jump Squats

Main Muscles: Quads & hamstrings.

Here is a simple instructional video for you:

  • To start, keep feet shoulder width apart and go to a squat position, but go only two-third of the way down.
  • Jump straight up with your arms reaching towards the ceiling and come back to the same squat position you started off at.
  • With 3 sets and 20 reps each, your legs are sure to feel the change.

    3. The Wall Sit

    Main Muscles: Quads, calves

    4. The Bridge

    • Lay your back on the ground, place your arms to your sides and get your heel closer to your buttocks.
    • Now, lift your hip towards the ceiling and make sure your upper body and thighs are straight in the same line.
    • Stay in the same position for 5 full breaths and then relax. 10 lifts of the same exercise will increase your body strength.

    5. The Downward Dog Spilt

    Main Muscles: Quads, calves, hamstrings.

    This is strength building muscle for your legs; it also helps improve balance and your focus.

    • Keep both your hands and feet on the ground, take a deep breath and lift your right leg up as high as you can. Ensure that you bring your calf, thigh, butt, back and hands in the same line.
    • Do the same exercise for both the legs.
  • What do you think?

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