Butt Toning Exercises You Can Do While Watching Netflix

If you dream of having a full butt but never seem to have the time to work out, the following exercises are perfect for you. You can perform while watching Netflix, and no extra equipment is needed.

Do it as often as you watch Game of thrones, you will soon see the results.


Heel Lift Squat

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Plank Leg Lifts

Assume the plank position, with straight arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists all in a line. Bend your left leg at the knee, to 90 degrees, at the same time as bending the right knee slightly. Now push your left foot up towards the ceiling before bringing it back down so that your left knee is level with your right knee. Repeat this 10 to 15 times then change sides. Squeeze your glutes as you lift your foot towards the ceiling, to maximize the benefit.

Two-Legged Glute Bridge

Lying Side Leg Kicks

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